Cannabis Cultures: Tour, Discussion & Reception at the AAA

The Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group, the Association for Legal and Political Anthropology and Culture and Agriculture have organized a free tour of the cannabis industry and a public anthropology forum to enable anthropologists to learn firsthand about the possibilities and risks accompanying legalized marijuana. Cannabis Cultures is a formal event of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. The organizers have created and sponsored this free event to bring together anthropologists and colleagues from across different subfields to engage with issues of timely concern for our host city.
When: Wednesday, November 18, 4:30-10 p.m.
Where: AAA meeting, Denver, CO
This is a free event open to participants in the conference. Given limited space and transportation, we ask that you please register in advance at
Space is limited to the first 150 registrants.
Tour buses will depart from the Colorado Convention Center at 4:30 pm. Buses will leave promptly on schedule, so please arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes before departure. Buses will transport guests to tour a grow house and dispensary. After the tour, participants will be transported to the History Colorado Center for a discussion, forum, and networking event. At 7:15 pm, local experts will present a moderated forum about the environmental, economic, political, legal, social, and health dimensions of recent cannabis legalization, and AAA members will have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and ask questions. Food and a cash bar will be provided. After the presentations, guests are welcome to network and visit demonstrations until 10.00 pm when buses will return guests to the convention center.
To read more about this exciting event, please see the recent article in Anthropology News:

2012 Minutes– Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group

2012 AAA, San Francisco


An inaugural organizational meeting will be held at the 2012 AAA Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 17th at Union Square 13 on the 4th Floor of the Hilton San Francisco from 6:15-7:30pm.
This is a call to convene tourism researchers in the AAA to found an “Interest Group”. By establishing formally an interest group we seek to develop a network of tourism-focused anthropologists, resources to share, tourism panels, roundtables, and other special events, activities, and collaborations.
At this initial meeting we will discuss the content of a statement of purpose, goals, as well as collect names and contact information for new members. Please spread the word among your AAA-attending anthropology colleagues who do research in or around tourism. Even if tourism is not your main thing, but you are interested in starting up research on tourism issues, please join us for this meeting! 

AAA 2013:  ATIG  Sessions, Meetings, & Events   

Thursday November 21, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

AAA 2014 ATIG Annual Business Meeting, Reception and Panels

On Saturday, December 6, 2014 the Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group reception celebrated the inauguration of the ATIG at the 40th anniversary of the first anthropology of tourism AAA panel in 1974. The reception follows the ATIG open business meeting, ATIG sponsored panel, and the Executive Program Committee Sponsored Retrospective Session on Hosts and Guests.

Retrospective Sessions (Sponsored by the Executive Program Committee):

Producing and Envisioning the Anthropology of Tourism (Part I): 40-Year Retrospective on Hosts and Guests and the Future of Tourism Research
Organizer: Quetzil E Castaneda and Valene Smith
Chair: Naomi M Leite
Presenters: Tim M Wallace, Charles F Urbanowicz, Margaret B Swain, Oriol Pi-Sunyer, Nelson H Graburn, Valene Smith
Taking Tourism Seriously: Edward M. Bruner’s Contributions to the Anthropology of Tourism
Organizer: Naomi M Leite
Chairs: Naomi M Leite and Quetzil E Castaneda
Panelists: Quetzil E Castaneda, Julia D Harrison, Helaine Silverman, Naomi M Leite, Nelson H Graburn, Noel B. Salazar
Invited Sessions organized by ATIG:
Executive Invited Session (Executive Program Committee & American Ethnological Society)
Producing and Envisioning the Anthropology of Tourism (Part II): On Present and Future Travel of Hosts, Guests, and Anthropologists of Tourism   
Organizer: Quetzil E Castaneda
Chair: Mary Mostafanezhad
Presenters: Noel B. Salazar, Kathleen M Adams, Michael A. Di Giovine, Geoffrey White
Discussants: Quetzil E Castaneda, Naomi M Leite
Invited Session (National Association for the Practice of Anthropology)
Producing Anthropology and Tourism: Practicing Anthropologists in the Tourism Sector
Organizers: Michael A. Di Giovine, Margaret B Swain
Presenters: Jackie S Feldman, Gobi Stromberg, Tom Mikael Selanniemi, Marjan Moris, Shinji Yamashita
Additional Tourism-Related Panels:
Organizer/Chair: Lara Kusnetzky
Presenters: Tami Blumenfield, Lara Kusnetzky, Jenny Chio, Eileen Rose Walsh
Discussant: Margaret Swain
Producing the Good(s): Cultural Tourism as a Contested Means to an Enlightened End
Organizer/Chair: Christine L. Holman
Panelists: Kelly Rachel LaFramboise, Charmaine Kaimikaua, Hugo E DeBlock, Caroline Jean Fernald, Candessa L Tehee
Discussant: Sean P O’Neill
“First places”: Critical Dialogics of Tourism in Heritage Places of a Primordial Collective Self
Organizer: Paula Mota Santos
Chair: Naomi M Leite
Panelists: Rachel F Giraudo, Nick Dines, Paula Mota Santos, Kimberly A Berg, Maria Cardeira da Silva, Yujie Zhu
Discussant: Regina Bendix
Mundane Cosmopolitanisms, Tourism Development, and Emergent Urban Forms
Organizers: Mary Mostafanezhad and Matilde Cordoba Azcarate
Chair: Roger Norum
Panelists: Heather Hindman, Roger Norum, Leksa Lee, Angela Montague, Mary Mostafanezhad, Matilde Cordoba Azcarate
Discussant: Jim Igoe