Before it’s too late…Nominate!

Dear ATIG members,

As Convenor and Convenor-elect, Quetzil Castaneda and I wanted to urge members in ATIG to consider self-nominating for one of 18 Executive leadership positions–from the Nominations Committee (who vets these self-nominations) to the newly formed Programmatic Advisory and Advocacy Committee (M-PAAC).

We wanted to especially draw your attention to this new M-PAAC, which would be responsible for advising the Executive Board on a range of issues affecting the membership. There are 10 positions in total on M-PAAC, including two student positions, and they address important topics like ethics, human rights, gender, labor, and practicing anthropology. While there are no positions that directly speak to Interest Groups or Sessions (or to tourism and heritage), these are important advisory positions that touch on all facets of AAA life. It would, of course, be great to have the ATIG membership well-represented!

Please note the deadline is in a few days — Oct. 5. Self-nominations are then vetted by the Nominations Committee, who will make the final decision on who will run for election.

See below for the link to self-nominate.

Best of luck!
Michael A. Di Giovine and Quetzil Castaneda




ATIG Election Results

ATIG is pleased to announce its recently elected board members!

We thank all members who took the time to cast their ballots. In addition to electing new board members, the ATIG membership overwhelming supported renewing ATIG as an Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association (AAA).

Newly elected officers:

Convener–Michael Di Giovine (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)

Secretary–Amy Speier (University of Texas at Arlington)

Program Chair–Clare Sammells (Bucknell University)

Undesignated Member-at-Large–Lauren Griffith (Hanover College)

Student-at-Large–Kimberly Berg (University at Albany, SUNY)

Congratulations to all and welcome to the ATIG Board!


ATIG CFP for the 2016 AAA Meeting

The American Anthropological Association’s Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group (ATIG) is currently soliciting proposals for the ATIG-sponsored session, (an “invited panel”) to be held at during the AAA Meetings in Minneapolis, November 16-20, 2016.

Prospective Invited Panel proposals should prioritize the use of tourism as an analytical framework or object of analysis, and should contribute to the anthropology of tourism, broadly conceived. Panels that focus on the critical examination of the 2016 meeting’s theme, “Evidence, Accident, Discovery” are especially welcome. (A full description of the meeting theme can be found at . Proposed panels conceptualized on issues other than the AAA meeting theme will also be considered.

The 115th Annual Meeting theme, ‘Evidence, Accident, Discovery’, raises issues central to debates within both anthropology and politics in a neoliberal, climate-changing, social media-networked era: What counts as evidence, and what does evidence count for? What are the underlying causes and foreseeability of violence and catastrophes? How is misfortune interpreted, and causality, attributed in cases of humanly-preventable harm? And in the give and take of relationships on which anthropological evidence typically depends, who gets to claim that they discovered something? Tourism is ideally poised to take on these issues, from the treatment of tourism as a voyage of discovery to examining the effects of such “discovery” on all groups impacted; from examining its benefits to interrogating the root causes of its catastrophic (or potential) catastrophic socio-cultural, environmental, and political-economic impacts; from understanding the evidence one uses to foster “tourist imaginaries” to deploying evidence to contest the same imaginaries. We welcome submissions that deal with any or all of these important themes of evidence-accident-discovery.

Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • “Accidental” tourism
  • Neoliberal tourism policies and its effects
  • Performances of discovery in a globalized age of mediation
  • Social media and tourism
  • Souvenirs as “evidence”
  • The continued role of “discovery” in tourism processes
  • The destruction of cultural heritage and its impacts on tourism processes
  • The politics and economics of tourism encounters
  • The role of affect in tourism practices
  • Tourism and climate change
  • Tourism and sustainability
  • Tourism as a catastrophe
  • Tourism as a means of fostering well-being
  • Tourism mishaps and their unexpected effects
  • Tourism pressures on cultural and natural heritage
  • Violence and tourism
  • Virtual voyages of discovery
  • What constitutes touristic “evidence”

Deadline for proposal submission: Friday, March 25, 2016

ATIG will notify submitters of its selection by Wednesday, April 6, 2016

 Proposals Must Include:

  1. Title and Abstract of proposed session
  2. Names of Session organizer(s), affiliation, contact email(s), and phone
  3. List of Papers, including titles, abstracts, author names and affiliations

Submit by email as attachment to: Michael A. Di Giovine, Program Chair, at [email protected]



All American Anthropological Association members who are current members of ATIG are invited to self-nominate for one of our open board positions. Please become a member or renew your membership by January 15, 2016 to self-nominate and vote:

Open Positions (description of positions and nomination instructions below):
• Convener
• Secretary
• Program Chair
• Member At Large (Student)
• Member At Large (Undesignated)
These 3-year terms run from the end of the meetings 2016 to end of the meetings 2019. The Convener also includes a fourth year as ex-officio member of board to ensure transition of ATIG leadership. Board members are expected to commit to attend the Annual Meetings of the AAA and to participate in both the ATIG Board and Business Meetings that are held during the AAA meetings.

ATIG uses the AAA standardized self-nomination format. Self-nomination includes a brief bio, statement of goals, and an optional photo. Download nomination instructions here: _ATIG_Self_Nomination_Instructions
• The deadline for self-nomination is Feb 1, 2016.
• Send self-nomination materials to Christine Preble ([email protected])
• Please send questions to Christine Preble ([email protected])
• Elections are conducted in February
The election is combined with the vote for renewal of ATIG as a formal interest group in the AAA organization. According to AAA rules, renewal must be submitted every three years and requires support of 25 AAA members.

We encourage you to consider yourself for self-nomination.
Thank you for your participation in ATIG.

Quetzil, ATIG Convener
Naomi Leite, ATIG Co-Convener
Christine Preble, ATIG Organization & Events Chair

Board Description

The convener is the one sole official interface with AAA. Responsibilities include scheduling the ATIG board meeting in the program, running the ATIG board and business meetings, maintaining information on IG membership, working with elected board members to conduct activities, events, round tables, and sessions at AAA and elsewhere, creating collaborations and partnerships with AAA sections, and submitting annual IG report to AAA.

The Secretary is responsible for minutes of Business Meetings, certifies results of all ATIG elections, and carries out other duties as assigned by the ATIG Executive Board.

Program Chair:
The Program Chair’s primary responsibilities lie in planning the programming for the AAA meetings. This consists of soliciting proposals for invited session(s), chairing and overseeing the Program Committee who votes on these proposals, and compiling a broader list of tourism-themed sessions that is posted online prior to the conference. A member of the ATIG executive board, the Program Chair also contributes to the general operations of ATIG as may be agreed upon by the ATIG executive board.

Member At Large (Student):
Member At Large—Student is a voting position in which the person collaborates with the board to create and conduct strategic activities and carries out duties and tasks assumed or assigned by the ATIG Executive Board to assist in board responsibilities, e.g., daily maintenance of Facebook page, Listserv and website; assisting in meeting programming; and other emergent board activities.

Member At Large (Undesignated):
Member At Large—Undesignated is a voting position in which the person collaborates with the board to create and conduct strategic activities and carries out duties and tasks assumed or assigned by the ATIG Executive Board to assist in board responsibilities, e.g., daily maintenance of Facebook page, Listserv and website; assisting in meeting programming; and other emergent board activities.

ATIG Convener’s 2015 Report

Dear ATIG Members,

Thank you to everyone who attended our ATIG business meeting on Saturday of the recent AAA meetings. Besides reviewing past business, it was a very productive and positive discussion of our future. I want to recap the major issues and topics before the semester ends and we turn to our holiday hideouts for recuperation.

1. Old Business: Different members of the board discussed last year’s achievements, which were organized in celebration of 40th anniversary of the first AAA tourism panel. Without going in detail, I simply want to add my thanks to and deep appreciation for: Michael DiGiovine for his pivotal orchestration of panels and activities for the meetings, Board Members Kelly LaFramboise and Rachel Giraudo for their essential contributions and hard work to making last year such a success, honorary board member Peg Swain for her decisive interventions in our process as a board, Mary Mostafanezhad, out going board member and founder of ATIG, for her inspiration to create an anthropology tourism group, her creation of our initial website, as well as for the highly successful book display and give-away at the reception. Special thanks go to Christine Preble for her overtime work on all aspects of board business, especially to create such a successful and memorable reception success and to Naomi Leite, Co-Convener, for crucial collaboration in the work and burden of all ATIG business.

2. Current Business, I: Regarding this year’s meetings, Michael led the board in thanking the Program Review Committee for their work in the evaluation of panel submissions and in congratulating the organizers and panelists of the ATIG Invited Session. He and the board encouraged member submissions for the 2016 invited session. The same review committee was asked to remain in office for the upcoming process. More encouragement from Michael for next invited session and more details on programming soon to come.

3. Current Business, II: Ronda Brulotte was introduced as the new board member replacing Mary in the position of Communications Chair. She oversaw and worked hard on the transfer of the original website, paid for out of pocket by board members, to the new site hosted by the AAA. Thank you Ronda for this tremendous work effort! Ronda currently is doing both jobs of website and listserv. She raised the issue of how the website can be most effectively used for benefit of members. Ronda will provide more news and discussion of this and related issues.

4. Current Business, III: Rachel Giraudo discussed the highly successful Cannabis Cultures: Tour, Discussion & Reception that was held on Wednesday, November 18 of the Denver meetings (a collaboration between ATIG and APLA). A number of members in attendance were very appreciative and called for another event for the next 2016 meetings in Minneapolis. We are certainly encouraging any ATIG member to propose ideas to the board for a project in which they would like to take a principal and primary lead. We are anticipating more in depth description of the event from Rachel to be posted to the website. Keep a look out.

5. Current Business, IV: (a) Rachel also discussed the Board efforts to design a new logo. Further details and information forthcoming. (b) Report on Conference Taskforce is pending. (c) Discussion of new publication venues with new book series at Ashgate, Routledge and Lexington.

6. New Business I: ATIG Renewal. As an interest group we have to vote for renewal of the IG every three years, i.e., for renewal request to be submitted by March 2016. The board decided to conduct the vote for renewal in the same mechanism as the board elections.

7. New Business II: Elections. We are now completing the first three years of ATIG first elected Board. The completion of the terms is at the end of the last day of the AAA meetings in 2016. The out-going convener remains on the board as ex-officio member until end of meetings 2017. This past spring we voted on the election of Ronda Brulotte to complete the term of Communication Chair; in order to maintain continuity of the board and to maintain the integrity of the vision for the website that Ronda brings to ATIG, we feel we should remain in term until end of meetings 2017. The board also made the decision to eliminate the position of co-convener on the assumption a) that board responsibilities are dramatically reduced from 2014 and b) that the newly elected board members can assume the workload previously carried by Naomi Leite in that role. Furthermore, the board at its discretion can appoint or create taskforces and committees for specific tasks or even determine to add additional board positions at a future date. Thus, the positions that form the ballot in spring 2017 are:

• Convener

• Program Chair

• Organization & Events Chair

• Member at Large (undesignated)

• Member at Large (student representative)

8. New Business III: Voting Process. AAA does not provide support for IG elections. Thus, the board will create a voting mechanism via an online service such as Survey Monkey. We will use the same self-nomination format that is used by AAA sections as defined by AAA. The board decided against having a vetting process and therefore will accept all self-nominations as submitted for each position. A separate email announcement of self-nomination process will be posted on listserv and the website.

Discussion. (A) ATIG has an interesting position of being recognized formally by the AAA without much power and no access to finances. However, our membership has stabilized at a high number, that is 553 as of December 2015; this high number has enticed a few sections to try to court our membership in order to boost their own numbers specifically in order to avoid the lose of an invited session based on new AAA rules for such. SLACA and Central States raised the possibility of partnering with ATIG. Given the current AAA revising of rules for panels dedicated to sections, SLACA, for example, offered ATIG a “guaranteed” invited panel on tourism in Latin America in exchange if 50 ATIG members were to register as members in SLACA by the time AAA counts membership to determine the number of invited sessions assigned to each section. Of course these ATIG members would have to be persons who are not currently a member of SLACA. Central States also asked us to consider ATIG members joining their section to bolster its section status in the AAA. Given the moratorium of creation of new sections, some ATIG members liked this idea, and went so far as to suggest a merger of the section and interest group. Further discussion is necessary of how we might generate benefits from our membership numbers.

Thank you for your membership and participation in ATIG!

Quetzil Castañeda
Convener, ATIG