Current Board Members

Convenor: Michael Di Giovine,  West Chester University of Pennsylvania.


Secretary: Erica Walters, Harvard University.

Erica Walters is a cultural and linguistic anthropologist with Living Heritage Anthropology. She focuses on applied anthropology; using research to make tangible improvements to the rights indigenous peoples have to lands, food, worldview, and objects. In addition to her role at Living Heritage, she works on grant-funded research in the Tribal Historic Preservation Office for The Delaware Tribe of Indians. She is pursuing a Masters of Anthropology at Harvard University.

Communications Chair: This position is current vacant.

Program Chair: Celia Tuchman-Rosta, Denison University.

Celia Tuchman-Rosta investigates the effects of tourism, national policy, and discourses of intangible heritage on the creative and economic development of classical Cambodian dance. She is currently co-editing a volume on Cambodia’s intangible heritage, and pursuing a project on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism in the Southeast Asian region.

Undesignated Member-at-Large: Robert Shepherd, George Washington University.

Robert Shepherd studies the role and impact of domestic tourism policies on heritage sites in China, and the phenomenon of repetition tourism — people who vacation in the same place or region every year.

Student-at-Large: Ryan Kilfoil, University of Memphis.

Ryan Kilfoil has conducted fieldwork on tourism’s (re)production of peri-urban communities on Long Island, New York, and practices of a politics of vulnerability.