Current Board Members


Michael Di Giovine,  West Chester University of Pennsylvania.


Adam Kaul, Augustana College.
Adam Kaul studies the impacts of tourism on traditional music in the pubs of Ireland, buskers on the streets of Ireland, roots tourism in Sweden, built environments in tourist destinations in Ireland and the American Midwest, and dark tourism.

Communications Chair:

Bader Alfarhan, University of California, Los Angeles

Program Chair:

Celia Tuchman-Rosta, York College/CUNY.
Celia Tuchman-Rosta investigates the effects of tourism, national policy, and discourses of intangible heritage on the creative and economic development of classical Cambodian dance. She is currently co-editing a volume on Cambodia’s intangible heritage, and pursuing a project on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism in the Southeast Asian region.

Undesignated Member-at-Large:

Robert Shepherd, George Washington University.
Robert Shepherd studies the role and impact of domestic tourism policies on heritage sites in China, and the phenomenon of repetition tourism — people who vacation in the same place or region every year.


Ryan Kilfoil, University of Memphis.
Ryan Kilfoil has conducted fieldwork on tourism’s (re)production of peri-urban communities on Long Island, New York, and practices of a politics of vulnerability.