Book Prize

The Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group sponsors two separate book prizes: 1) the Nelson Graburn Book Prize for an author’s first book in the anthropology of tourism, 2) the Ed Bruner Prize for an author’s second or subsequent book.

To be eligible, books nominated this year must have been published in 2021 or 2022. Self-nominations are welcome.

Please submit the following to quickj [at] (if applying for the Nelson Graburn Book Prize) or rshepher [at] (if applying for the Ed Bruner Book Prize):

  • The name of the author;
  • The book to be considered;
  • The publisher information;
  • Information for whom to contact at the press for review copies;
  • Remember to indicate which prize (1st or subsequent publication).

The deadline for nominations is September 2nd, 2022.

Past Winners

The first awards were presented in 2018 during the meetings of the American Anthropological Association.

Nelson Graburn Book Prize

Ed Bruner Book Award