Tourism Studies Listservs

H-Travel is a network for the academic discussion of the history of travel, transport, and tourism. It welcomes professionals in the field of history and also those in other fields, as well as non-professionals, interested in its subject. The focus is on the history of travel, transport, and tourism from the earliest beginnings through the present and future, throughout the world and beyond. The languages of communication for the list are English, French, German, and Spanish.

SfAA Tourism Topical Interest Group
Email list for the Tourism Topical Interest Group of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Title link opens an email window addressed to the list editor’s email account to request membership. There is also a Facebook page.

Email list for academics and researchers working in all areas of tourism. This includes issues involved with the teaching of tourism at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level, and research into tourism and its related areas.

Official mailing list of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism. The list is open to everyone with an interest in the anthropology of tourism.

TRINET (Tourism Research Information Network)
An electronic bulletin board (listserv) connecting the international tourism research and education community. Purpose is to promote an exchange of information relevant to tourism research and to create a place for open debate on issues related to tourism research and education.

Travel Research Network
Based at the University of Melbourne. Interdisciplinary network that promotes connections between three strands: travel writing, cultural tourism, and mobility studies. Bringing these strands together makes them more relevant to our understanding of interconnectedness of people movements in today’s globalized society.