Call for ATIG Invited Panel at AAA 2017 in Washington DC

ATIG is soliciting proposals for the ATIG-sponsored session (an “invited panel”) to be held during the 116th AAA Meetings in Washington DC, November 29-December 3, 2017.

Prospective Invited Panel proposals should prioritize the use of tourism as an analytical framework or object of analysis, and should contribute to the anthropology of tourism, broadly conceived.  Panels that focus on the critical examination of the 2017 meeting’s theme, “Anthropology Matters!” are especially welcome. Proposed panels conceptualized on issues other than the AAA meeting theme will also be considered. (A full description of the meeting theme can be found here.)

“Anthropology Matters!” also matters for the anthropology of tourism.  As an industry, tourism engages billions of people and dollars, has major effects on the physical and natural environment, and influences how people see themselves as individuals and societies.  It is a practice that claims to bridge cultural differences, even as it creates political divisions.  ATIG is particularly interested in sponsoring a cutting-edge session that critically reflects on these realities and the new and unexpected ways of considering how the anthropology of tourism can be said to “matter.”

Deadline for proposal submission: Friday, March 24, 2017.  (ATIG will notify submitters of its selection by Monday, April 3, 2017)

Proposals Must Include:

Title and Abstract of proposed session
Names of Session organizer(s), affiliation, contact email(s), and phone
List of Papers, including titles, abstracts, author names and affiliations

Submit by email as attachment to Clare A. Sammells, ATIG Program Chair.